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Welcome to the Hills of E. Tennessee and North Carolina

My latest trip…a ride to Tellico Plains, Thunder Mountain, and Deals Gap where the legendary Tail of the Dragon starts or ends…depending on your direction of travel.


Met up with my riding buddy Tim at the Whistle Stop in Byhalia for breakfast and discussion over the route of travel. This country is all new to me so I will be following his lead. The route will be east to Chattanooga down Hwy 72.


Highway 72 through Corinth with a quick stop for fuel and water. Traffic wasn’t too bad but I struggled with breaking my road rules. I only have three of them…no freeways, no chain restaurants, no chain coffee shops. While 72 isn’t considered a freeway…it has 4 lanes of traffic so it’s a freeway in my book.


Who can go wrong eating at a place with this for a name. Lunch in Tuscumbia Alabama. The place was packed and lunch wasn’t fancy but it was filling and good. On to Chattanooga.


A couple of hours out of Chattanooga we stopped at this country store for a break and some cool water. Spent about 15 minutes there visiting with folks, enjoying the break and drinking some coffee. A fresh pot was made for us…very nice.



Our lodging for the night was a KOA campground cabin in Trenton Georgia. A nice place with a view of the mountain. After unloading we headed out for some food at Larry’s buffet (recommended by the locals). A large salad with some chicken tenders and extra cottage cheese hit the spot. Sleep is next on the agenda.


On to Tellico Plains as soon as we have breakfast. Tim had been telling me that the Maple Street Biscuit Company had the best sausage gravy and biscuits he had ever eaten. Well…my standard breakfast when on the road is sausage gravy and biscuits with an egg on top and I consider myself an expert on the dish. I have had some exceptionally well made sausage gravy and biscuits so I was curious. He was right…this plate is currently tied for #1 in the biscuits and gravy category…the reason is the sausage they use has a bit of heat to it and the gravy has mushrooms. Excellent breakfast.


Lindsey was the cashier when we ordered our food and I had told her how I rated gravy and biscuits in my travels. On a break she came by our table to see how their dish stacked up with others I have tasted. Great food and great people. Good luck to Lindsey as she pursues her education in Radiology. Now…on to Tellico Plains before the forecast rain hits.


Tellico Plains just a couple of miles from the cabin we have reserved at Hunts Motorcycle Campground. Look at those mountains….the roads are calling.

Hunts Motorcycle Campground…a great place. The cabin with 2 beds for two nights cost me $115 with a military discount. Below the cabins there are bathrooms with showers, lots of hot water, a covered cooking/dining area and a place to wash dishes. Inside the cabins there are boot driers made from PVC pipe, coolers (she provides the ice), and towels. I recommend this place to other riders…it’s reasonable priced and just outside of Tellico Plains. We made it in just as the rain hit.

The Tellico River and views from the Cherohala Skyway. Great roads and great views. We were up in the clouds early but as they cleared the views became spectacular. Logging was so heavy in the early 1900s that many of the forested hills in the pictures were laid bare resulting in heavy erosion. The government purchased the land to ensure a supply a timber in the future. This, of course, caused issues and is an interesting read for anyone who likes history.


Thunder Mountain General Store and Deli…my type of place. The owners, Ken and Melissa are great people, friendly, love their country and the military. Coffee is free for veterans and the food is good. My lunch was coffee and a fried bologna sandwich. Stop in if you are in the area and get to know them.

I made it to the Dragon…and no, I did not ride it. We visited with some old timers who suggested that we come back in the middle of the week to ride. That day there were already some riders who had gone down and more fast riders were doing their thing. Law enforcement was also there in unmarked vehicles handing out tickets. In the future I plan on spending some time exploring the area and riding the Dragon during the week.


Back on the Cherohala. This sign is at the entrance to the skyway and you can see the warning. It is a high incident corridor and EMS is often more than 45 minutes away. Be careful and stay safe.


Dinner in Tellico Plains. The brisket was not too bad. Tomorrow we head home with a 0700 wheels rolling start.


Due to some vision issues, Tim elected to stay in Chattanooga and have his wife come and pick him up so I headed home. This rest stop was just outside of Slayden MS (I think). I was a bit tired by this time so this came in handy.

The total ride was 975 miles. We made it without getting wet and the temperatures were comfortable. Stay safe and stay tuned…until next time.

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Lost in Mississippi – Fall Ride



My wife had plans for the day so I figured it would be a good chance for a ride. It’s been a while and I need to continue learning more of this area of the country. My intended route would take me through Hernando then south to Grenada followed by various county roads up through Gore Springs, Sarepto, Pinedale, Macedonia, Holly Springs, then home to Byhalia. That didn’t work out too well, hence the title “Lost in Mississippi”. While I wasn’t exactly lost (I did know I was in Mississippi east of Grenada), I did get confused.


Hernando Mississippi on the north-eastern side of the town square. Hernando is a neat little place  a history bathed in the blues and at least two restaurants that I can recommend. One is the Lady Bug Bakery that has excellent coffee, pastries, and what looked to be very good sandwiches. The other is the Underground Cafe. The food is well prepare, reasonably priced, and plenty to go around.



Many signs announcing “the Mississippi Blues Trail” are located throughout the state. This one is on the outskirts of Hernando.



Heading south on 51 I discovered a section of the road was closed due to bridge repair. The bridge went out last year during the rains and they are just now getting around to repairing it. Motoring back to Interstate 55 I headed south and jumped over to 51 at Coldwater. A swampy area along Highway 51 south of Goldwater.

Once in Grenada I completed what business I had there and then headed east on Highway 8 toward Gore Springs. This is where it got confusing. I missed my turn on highway 9 and ended up on county road 346 that turned to dirt (no worries), got smaller (minor concern), that seemed to going in the wrong direction (according to my compass). So I backtracked to Highway 8 and headed east.



Lunch was in Derma Mississippi at Uncle Cool’s BBQ, The smell was incredible but I was disappointed that I didn’t have time to sample their ribs but there BBQ burger was exceptionally good. The folks working there were extremely nice. I spent several minutes visiting with Derrika (spelling?) about places to visit and wonders to see. You’re time will come. (I recommend stopping there is you get the chance.)



It was after 2 when I left Uncle Cool’s heading north. I decided to forgo county roads and head up Highway 9 north, then 9 West through Oxford, finally Highway 7 to Holly Springs. The road south of Oxford…not many curves.



Cotton harvest is in. Those brightly covered tubes are filled with cotton. I motored past many harvested fields of cotton on this trip. The ride lasted just over 7 hours and covered 250+ miles. Stay tuned….




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