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Welcome to the Hills of E. Tennessee and North Carolina

My latest trip…a ride to Tellico Plains, Thunder Mountain, and Deals Gap where the legendary Tail of the Dragon starts or ends…depending on your direction of travel.


Met up with my riding buddy Tim at the Whistle Stop in Byhalia for breakfast and discussion over the route of travel. This country is all new to me so I will be following his lead. The route will be east to Chattanooga down Hwy 72.


Highway 72 through Corinth with a quick stop for fuel and water. Traffic wasn’t too bad but I struggled with breaking my road rules. I only have three of them…no freeways, no chain restaurants, no chain coffee shops. While 72 isn’t considered a freeway…it has 4 lanes of traffic so it’s a freeway in my book.


Who can go wrong eating at a place with this for a name. Lunch in Tuscumbia Alabama. The place was packed and lunch wasn’t fancy but it was filling and good. On to Chattanooga.


A couple of hours out of Chattanooga we stopped at this country store for a break and some cool water. Spent about 15 minutes there visiting with folks, enjoying the break and drinking some coffee. A fresh pot was made for us…very nice.



Our lodging for the night was a KOA campground cabin in Trenton Georgia. A nice place with a view of the mountain. After unloading we headed out for some food at Larry’s buffet (recommended by the locals). A large salad with some chicken tenders and extra cottage cheese hit the spot. Sleep is next on the agenda.


On to Tellico Plains as soon as we have breakfast. Tim had been telling me that the Maple Street Biscuit Company had the best sausage gravy and biscuits he had ever eaten. Well…my standard breakfast when on the road is sausage gravy and biscuits with an egg on top and I consider myself an expert on the dish. I have had some exceptionally well made sausage gravy and biscuits so I was curious. He was right…this plate is currently tied for #1 in the biscuits and gravy category…the reason is the sausage they use has a bit of heat to it and the gravy has mushrooms. Excellent breakfast.


Lindsey was the cashier when we ordered our food and I had told her how I rated gravy and biscuits in my travels. On a break she came by our table to see how their dish stacked up with others I have tasted. Great food and great people. Good luck to Lindsey as she pursues her education in Radiology. Now…on to Tellico Plains before the forecast rain hits.


Tellico Plains just a couple of miles from the cabin we have reserved at Hunts Motorcycle Campground. Look at those mountains….the roads are calling.

Hunts Motorcycle Campground…a great place. The cabin with 2 beds for two nights cost me $115 with a military discount. Below the cabins there are bathrooms with showers, lots of hot water, a covered cooking/dining area and a place to wash dishes. Inside the cabins there are boot driers made from PVC pipe, coolers (she provides the ice), and towels. I recommend this place to other riders…it’s reasonable priced and just outside of Tellico Plains. We made it in just as the rain hit.

The Tellico River and views from the Cherohala Skyway. Great roads and great views. We were up in the clouds early but as they cleared the views became spectacular. Logging was so heavy in the early 1900s that many of the forested hills in the pictures were laid bare resulting in heavy erosion. The government purchased the land to ensure a supply a timber in the future. This, of course, caused issues and is an interesting read for anyone who likes history.


Thunder Mountain General Store and Deli…my type of place. The owners, Ken and Melissa are great people, friendly, love their country and the military. Coffee is free for veterans and the food is good. My lunch was coffee and a fried bologna sandwich. Stop in if you are in the area and get to know them.

I made it to the Dragon…and no, I did not ride it. We visited with some old timers who suggested that we come back in the middle of the week to ride. That day there were already some riders who had gone down and more fast riders were doing their thing. Law enforcement was also there in unmarked vehicles handing out tickets. In the future I plan on spending some time exploring the area and riding the Dragon during the week.


Back on the Cherohala. This sign is at the entrance to the skyway and you can see the warning. It is a high incident corridor and EMS is often more than 45 minutes away. Be careful and stay safe.


Dinner in Tellico Plains. The brisket was not too bad. Tomorrow we head home with a 0700 wheels rolling start.


Due to some vision issues, Tim elected to stay in Chattanooga and have his wife come and pick him up so I headed home. This rest stop was just outside of Slayden MS (I think). I was a bit tired by this time so this came in handy.

The total ride was 975 miles. We made it without getting wet and the temperatures were comfortable. Stay safe and stay tuned…until next time.

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Blues Highway and the Natchez Trace



One of the items on my bucket list is to drive the Blues Highway (Highway 61 for those who are not in the know) and spent a night listening to “raw blues” at true blues juke joint. Well today I made a major step in completing that item…I drove the highway. Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, and others mention Highway 61 in some of their songs. The above photo is the start of the Blues Highway just outside of Tunica Mississippi. I went inside and visited with the woman inside. When I mentioned wanting to go to a juke joint she recommended “Reds” in Clarksdale on a Friday or Saturday night. Okay….whose is going with me?



The highway runs through the Mississippi Delta through corn, soy bean, and cotton fields. It is flat yet full of life. Not too much traffic except in small town along the route. I thought of the pros and cons as I drove the road so here’s my list…of course everything is subjective. Cons – flat (not the mountains I’m used to), hot (temps ranged from the low 80s to mid 90s), not a lot of curves. Pros – nice road (not rough and no tar snakes), lots of small towns to visit and explore, nice people, a variety of food (catfish, red beans and rice, barbecue in many varieties), and cheap gas (anywhere from 1.74 to 1.99 per gallon). Next stop Clarksdale where legend (at least one legend) says Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil to play the guitar.



A couple of the early blues artists had been trying to encourage Robert to switch to the harmonica but he would have nothing of it. Outside of Clarksdale, at the intersection of Highway 61 and Highway 49 Robert made his deal and we have his 29 songs. Next stop is Rosedale where legend has the other crossroad.





The other crossroads is located in Rosedale Mississippi just south of Clarksdale at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 8. I found the story of the other legend in the blog If you are interested just Google search “the other Robert Johnson crossroad”. Highway 1 runs along the Mississippi river and one thing I found interesting was that I could smell the river. Not a bad smell…just unique. I tried to picture what the area was like in the early 30s when blues got its start…difficult but not impossible because the evidence is still there if one takes the time to look. On to Vicksburg…


The road really did not get into downtown Vicksburg but instead skirted just north of the town. A nice area with many more hills than I expected. Lots of history to explore in this area including the blues and the Civil War.


Just south of Vicksburg is the small community of Port Gibson. As one drives toward Port Gibson one can see this steeple before getting into town. The steeple and church building belong to the 1st Presbyterian Church. A key feature located at the top of the steeple is a hand painting toward heaven. The original hand was carved in the mid 1800s but the ravages of time took its toll. The present hand was commissioned and installed around 1901, removed in 1989 then repaired and replaced in 1990. This area is filled with many churches and history plaques, unfortunately I did not have the time to explore.

Todays ride was 352 miles and I realized that I’m not yet in shape for days like this…at least not ready to sit for long days. The solution…more riding and more breaks. Tomorrows ride will be north up the Natchez Trace toward Tupelo so stay tuned.

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1st Tennessee Ride

Welcome back and for those of you who are following this blog…the move is complete. Well mostly complete. We are currently staying with family in Collierville TN with the final move into our new place the middle of this month. Now that we are here it’s time to explore so I decided to ride east. My brother in law told me of an Amish bakery northeast of here called Backermann’s. Backermann’s is outside of Whiteville, northeast of Collierville, so I planned a route using country roads to reach the bakery.



Every ride should start with coffee and some kind of breakfast. The town square of Collierville has a great coffee shop called Square Beans. The coffee is good and while the breakfast selections are somewhat limited, they are adequate. I spent about 40 minutes outside the coffee shop enjoying an Americano along with a breakfast biscuit.



Heading east along Highway 57 toward Moscow and LaGrange through low rolling hills and trees that provided some nice scenery. Lots of green along with some beautiful horse ranches. My intended route is east along 57 to 18 then north toward Hickory Valley.



Somerville Road heads west from Highway 18 just outside of Hickory Valley. A nice road that winds through the countryside. Lots of trees and farms along the way. My plan is to follow this road until I reach Whiteville/Newcastle road which leads to Whiteville. It didn’t quite work out that way. Somehow I missed the Whiteville/Newcastle road and ended up on Jernigan Drive which I followed to Somerville. From Sommerville I followed Highway 64 in search of Backermann’s.



Backermann’s Country Store for lunch and to rehydrate. The temperature had been steadily climbing from the low 80s to 90 and up which required stopping about every 40 minutes to rehydrate. A nice bakery and a good place to stop for lunch. They have a pretty good deli selection along with daily specials. They also have bread and various other food items for purchase. A burger (the daily special for Friday), macaroni salad, and lots of sweet tea did the trick. After lunch I went out to relax on the rocking chairs in front of the store. While there I visited with a work crew up from Memphis. We talked motorcycle rides and places we have been. They passed on some nice rides in the area and down along the gulf that I should explore when I get the chance. Thanks guys…

Taking the Whiteville/Newcastle road to Sommerville road I motored back to Highway 18 to backtrack my route to Collierville.





This mansion is located just west of LaGrange on Highway 57. Civil War actions are woven into the fabric of this area so to get a better grasp of the conflict I began listening to the History of the Civil War podcasts by Richard Youngdahl. The podcasts are very well done and are providing some useful information.



I needed to rehydrate so I stopped at this store. Unfortunately it was closed but the building is kind of cool…a general store in a small town in the south. I am looking forward to exploring the area more and looking for small town with general stores. From here I headed west back to Collierville with a rehydration stop in Moscow.

The ride was 166 miles with temperatures ranging from 80 to 95. A great ride and I’m looking forward to more rides in Tennessee and Mississippi. Stay tuned….

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Last California Rides #5 (Retirement Ride)

On Friday (May 27) I officially retired. This is my second retirement, the first retirement was from the Coast Guard in 1996. As I approached retirement, a riding buddy of mine (Terry) told me that on my first full day of retirement I needed to do something I enjoyed…and take pictures. So I went for a ride and here are the pictures.


The ride started at the Applebox with a breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee. After eating I headed for highway 1 and a ride up the coast toward Stewart’s Point.


I made a slight detour to stop at Watson School. Watson School District is located on Bodega Highway between Freestone and the town of Bodega. The one room school served the families in the area and was in use from 1856 to 1967.


The town of Bodega where Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was filmed. In the distance you can see the church and the white building to the left of the church is the school.


The mouth of the Russian River as I head north on Highway 1. Highway 1 north of Jenner is carved out of the side of the mountain overlooking the ocean. A very spectacular ride and one that should be on every riders bucket list.


Looking south on Highway 1…you can see the road in the distance.


Stewarts Point…one of my favorite stops along Highway 1 and the beginning of Skaggs Springs Road. The Caffe Americano was superb as always. If you ever get a chance to go upstairs…take it. Upstairs has a bar that is very unique along with several antiques and a lot if history of the area.


I have been here many times and have never noticed the bicycle on top of the restroom. I should have asked them the significance of the bicycle but didn’t think about it until I was back on the road.


My favorite type of sign when I’m on the bike. The road is rough and has lots of curves.


On the road. The plan is to turn right at Tin Barn then down King Ridge to the Russian River.



Along King Ridge road. I have ridden this road many times and generally there isn’t much traffic. Today was different. There was a bicycle race on King Ridge so one had to be carful and stay to the right when on the road. Only once did a bicycle rider stray on my side when coming around a corner. He was very embarrassed and nodded his apology. No worries….


A great ride down to Monte Rio from King Ridge then along the Bohemian Highway heading through Occidental toward Freestone. The picture above is downtown Occidental.


I have always thought about stopping at this store and today I did. After taking this picture I walked back to the bike as the gentleman on the left began to jokingly cajole the driver of the pickup about messing up the picture. I assured them that they didn’t mess up anything. We then had a great conversation about bikes, old hippies, medical treatment, girlfriends, and retirement. Both gentleman wished me luck on my retirement. I love having conversations with strangers when I ride.

No picture but I finished the ride with the required stop at the Wildflour Bakery where I purchased of Meyer Lemon Mango White Chocolate scone. The ride totaled 146 miles and I enjoyed every minute of it. Stay tuned…

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Last California Rides #4

It has been a minor challenge trying to get some of my favorite rides in before leaving. Today the route was up through Napa and Alexander Valleys, then through Healdsburg to the Westside Road, Sweetwater Springs Road to the Russian River and Jenner, then to Colman Valley and the Bohemian Highway, with a final stop at the Wildflower Bakery (of course).


The ride began at the Freemont Diner where we enjoyed a good breakfast with coffee. For three of us breakfast was biscuits and gravy while Scotty enjoyed a breakfast sandwich. The above picture is Scott and Monica Whidden on their Spyder.


The other rider was Terry Cooper. We stopped to get a couple of pictures of the valley and also to stretch the legs.



The Jimtown Store and the vineyard across the street…a great place to stop for coffee and snacks. We stopped and enjoyed each others company. Lots of stories and laughter shared.


This was outside the front of the store near the picnic tables. I have been there before and don’t remember the Snoop box. It’s a lending library with Snoopy on the top and Snoopy/Woodstock cartoons on each end. Neat idea.


My bike, Terry Cooper, Scott and Monica.


Sweetwater Springs road…ten miles of paved, windy, 1 lane road that drops from the Westside Road over into Guerneville on the Russian River.


The Russian River and Jenner. We stopped and had some good Clam Chowder.


Coleman Valley Road where I tried to get a picture of the other riders as they moved into view. I sped up a bit in an attempt to get a head far enough for a good picture…it didn’t work. I stopped the bike and jumped off for the shot…too late as they were already moving into view. So I motioned for them to stop so I could get some kind of picture. Terry stopped and then motioned rather forcefully for me to look backwards. Of course I ignored him as I got my camera up…at which time the retreating pickup you see honked his horn to let me know of his presence. Hmmm….


Final stop…the Wildflour Bakery. My coffee and rhubarb scone is in the foreground while Monica is “daintily” eating part of a Sticky Bun as Scott admires her technique, and Terry is cutting more to share. It was great to share a ride, stories, and food with Terry, Scott and Monica. Todays total mileage was 146, temps in the low 60s with a partly cloudy sky. Stay tuned as I try to get a couple of more rides in before we move.

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Last California Rides #3


Met a long time friend and former Coast Guardsman for a ride today. John and I had coffee at Peet’s and then headed toward Jackson for a ride over Carson Pass. A bit cloudy this morning with the temps in the low 50s…a perfect day for a ride.


First stop was for coffee in Jackson. A great little coffee shop and time for a good visit with John… and it was here that the fun began. A car pulled up and a woman in her late 50s got out of the car with her friend and walked toward us holding a her cell phone. Strolling up to John and I she asked if she could take a picture of her with the two of us so that she could show her mother. “Why?” we asked. She then proceeded to tell us that we looked like a couple of “bad asses” and she wanted her picture with us. How do you respond to that? Of course we said. She struggled with getting the picture so John took over and got a selfie with her and the two of us. That was a first for me. I’ve been called a lot of things but never a “bad ass”. Hmmm….I wonder what else the day will bring. I love riding….we headed over the Pass down toward Minden.


The east side of the pass looking west. We stopped just south of Minden so John could gather some sage. As you can see the weather was perfect. We stopped for fuel in Minden. I was drinking some water while waiting for John when this gentleman strolled up and said I should be drinking a beer. Nope…not while riding…maybe afterwards. John walked up and the guy said “How are you doing Chief.” (John has a chief’s patch sewed on his vest…his rank when he retired from the Coast Guard.) We had a good conversation with the man. Come to find out he’s a retired mustanger…going from Senior Chief to Officer and retiring as Commander. We thanked him for his service and he thanked us as well. The bikes act as magnets for folks to start conversations. I love riding….


Lunch was at Red Hut in Carson City. I have never eaten their before but the food was great. John was had a couple of calls to make so I went out to the bikes. There was a woman there having a cigarette looking over the bike. We talked for several minutes. She used to ride a Ninja but sold if after breaking up with her boyfriend and had been thinking about buying a BMW. We talked bikes and I suggested the F700GS. She was somewhat small and the bike would fit her well. She thanked me for the advice and conversation then went back to work.


Heading back to Petaluma via Highway 50 through South Lake Tahoe. The lake was clear and  up…much better than last year.

Traffic was good on the way back and we made good time. It was an interesting ride and we met some very interesting people along the way. People are usually very curious about where you’ve been and where you are headed…and most of the time aren’t shy about asking. I enjoyed the ride, the people, the scenery along the way, and the chance to visit with John. The ride was 426 miles and I rolled over 50K on my GS today. Stay tuned….

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Last California Rides #1


Yes…the title for this and future installments is correct. My wife and I will be leaving the area sometime between the end of June and the middle of July. She is retiring and we are moving to Tennessee or northern Mississippi…don’t know exactly where yet. In anticipation of leaving the state I think it’s about time to get some rides in so today Terry Cooper and I had breakfast at the Applebox and then headed down to Marin County to connect with Highway 1 (the Coast Highway) and follow it north to the Russian River.


The view looking east toward Angel Island from the Panoramic Highway (honest…that’s its name) as we head toward Muir Woods. The road was packed yet traffic was moving very well. Lots of folks parked along the road and were walking toward the entrance to the Woods. The day was perfect with temps in the high 60’s and no wind.



Had to get a shot of the bikes overlooking the blue pacific…great day. Both pictures were taken north of Stinson Beach which you can see in the distance in the bottom picture. Once we got beyond Muir woods the traffic wasn’t bad.


Highway 1 heading north as we leave Bolinas. It has been a while since I passed through Bolinas and as it was along the route…why not. Bolinas is an interesting place that really doesn’t care (or perhaps would prefer) that folks don’t know they exist. Rumor has it that when a sign is put up on Highway 1 pointing toward the town…locals quickly remove the sign. Anyway there were a lot of surfers heading to the beach when we stopped and parking was limited so we headed north toward Pt. Reyes for lunch.


Lunch was at the Whales Tail Deli on the south end of town. I have eaten there before but they have changed some since then. Terry had a Chili burrito and I had a Steak burrito. Our burritos were good…but wrong. Terry thinks he had steak and I definitely had pork but it wasn’t worth trying to go inside and make them fix. While there we visited with a young couple who were up from Stockton for a mini-vacation. We filled them in on the area and some good places to go and shuck the 50 oysters they had recently purchased. I must admit…there was a part of me that wanted to join them for the feast.


Point Reyes main street heading north.



Next stop was Nicks Cove. The top picture is the restaurant showing the rental cabins along the bay and the pier stretching into the water. The second picture is the end of the pier. With the good weather there were several kayak companies doing tours on the bay. Point Reyes Outdoors was well represented along with some others. Next stop the Tall Ships anchored in Bodega Bay


Looking east from Valley Ford Franklin Road…just about a 1/4 mile from the turn to Dillon Beach. This road is narrow, paved, and fun to drive as were all the roads we travelled today. The plan is to head through Bodega, check out the ships, then head toward the Russian river.


Well…there they are. Yes…somewhat frustrating that one cannot get closer. Over the weekend there was a festival happening and part of the festival was that one could go out on a tall ship and play pirate. It would have been fun but I get sea sick. (Yes…I know…I did 20 years in the Coast Guard but you must remember…I was helicopter aircrew and never went to sea. I have the utmost respect for those who challenge the ocean for the lives they save and those they protect. Thank You)


We headed out of Bodega north along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1) to the Russian river then east to the Bohemian Highway and you guessed it…the Wild Flour Bakery where Terry bought the sweets. We both had coffee and a strawberry/rhubarb scone. Very tasty. This a traditional stop for me because the coffee is good, the food is good, and the patrons are interesting and fun to visit with.


Terry heading home and I would follow in short order. It was great riding with Terry and I’m looking forward to more in the time I have left. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to do 150 miles. Stay tuned for more “last rides” from this area and new rides once we move.

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Bikes, Planes, Automobiles – Summer Trip Conclusion


I loaded the bike after spending the night in Eureka and headed for breakfast at the Samoa Cookhouse.


I started with biscuits and gravy followed by scrambled eggs, sausage, fried potatoes covered with gravy. Of course there was coffee and orange juice. Time to head south.



It had been some time since I went through the Avenue of the Giants so I decided to take detour. A wonderful drive and there are some places to camp. Maybe next time.


In Myers Flat, on the Avenue of the Giants, I found this coffee shop. A nice place and it was time for coffee. My plan is to head south along the coast and meet some friends at the Manchester KOA.


I left highway 101 at Leggett and headed for the coast…and as you can see it’s a bit foggy. I added another layer and headed for the KOA.


I visited with the folks for about an hour and then headed for home. The folks are a bunch of combat medics and other specialties that get together a couple of times a year to go abalone diving. Tomorrow they hit the water.


Lombardi’s in Petaluma. I was too tired to cook dinner so I stopped for a sandwich, pasta salad, and something to drink…then on to the house. This is the final posting of the trip. It was a good motorcycle trip and I enjoyed the time in Wyoming and Tennessee. Total miles – 3800. It’s back to work on Monday.

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Bikes, Planes, Automobiles – Summer Trip Back to California Day 4


Bike’s loaded and it’s time to find a place for breakfast. I slept good despite the dog across the hall…it wasn’t too loud. I also slept in till 7:30….not bad. Now…breakfast. I asked the lady at the desk where a good place to eat would be and she directed me to the Powderhorn down the street.



This is where all the old guys (guys my age) go for breakfast. There was a group there having a Bible discussion and another group discussing the stock market. Interesting mix. Breakfast was a 3 meat omelette (ham, bacon, sausage), hash browns with gravy, and of course coffee. Tasty….time for the road. I remember a great coffee shop in Cave Junction so that’s where I’m headed.


It’s still here. I had an Americano and visited with an older gentleman (admitted hippy). We talked weather, Volkswagen bugs, and the cost of land. A great conversation. Next stop…the heart of the State of Jefferson.



The heart of the State of Jefferson. The road I chose led from highway 199 over to Happy Camp. I plugged Happy Camp into the GPS and after about 10 minutes it directed me to go the wrong way. It wasn’t lost…it was just confused. The road wound through the trees, along the mountain, and offered great views. Eventually the GPS figured out where we were and pointed me in the right direction (which I already new). (OBTW – the heart of the State of Jefferson is really in the mind.)


The State of Jefferson was a group of counties alone the Oregon/California border that were going to secede just before the outbreak of WW2. They were fed up with how the state capitols were treating them, ignoring them, and double crossing them. Hence the two XX on the seal.


Happy Camp…and I found Ernie’s Big Foot.



The road followed the Klamath River…very twisty, some rocks fallen off the mountain, and not much traffic. I noticed lots of people panning for gold…the next strike perhaps.


This is looking east along the way I had just traveled. About this time, with temps hovering between 92-102, I began to find taking the curves a bit more challenging. The problem…dehydration. I didn’t put on my camelback and though I had stopped several times to drink from my water bottle it just wasn’t enough. I needed to find a place to get out of the sun and rehydrate.


Found it…the Harmony Coffee Shop in Willow Creek. I pulled in and found a couple of marvelous barista’s that made me a large glass of unleaded ice tea (along with a refilled). We visited discussing coffee and the proper way to pull a shot. The owner, a short woman who had a 10″ raised platform behind the coffee bar, knew her stuff.  The raised platform reminded me of the one in movie Silverado. I will be stopping back if I go through there in the future. Okay…on to Eureka.

IMG_1690 copy

Made it to Eureka and the Town House Motel…just a couple of blocks from the Lost Coast Brewery. A good ride to today on some nice roads. Today was only 200 miles compared to yesterday of 380. This afternoon I met a couple on a Harley from England who are taking a cross country tour. When his wife retired he picked her up on the bike and they began their trip. He shipped his bike from England to Virginia where they started their tour on May 10th. I met him when I went out to move my bike to give him room to park…a very nice guy. Tomorrow I plan to have breakfast at the Samoa Cookhouse and then ride to the KOA at Manchester to meet some friends. Looking forward to the day….stay tuned.

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Bikes, Planes, Automobiles – Summer Trip Back to California Day 3

IMG_1644 copy

Bikes loaded and I’m ready to go….as soon as I get coffee and breakfast. I spent the night at the Hampton Inn in Astoria…not cheap but I got a good nights sleep. Yelp suggested that one of the best coffee shops in Astoria is right behind the hotel on Pier 39 called Coffee Girl. Sounds like a good idea to me.

IMG_1654 copy

IMG_1650 copy

A great coffee shop with good breakfasts. I had a breakfast panini while sitting on the dock. A nice way to start the day.

IMG_1649 copy

IMG_1655 copy

To get to the coffee shop I drove on the pier…so I had to get a picture. Okay…time to head down the coast. I did something that I usually don’t do and that is I made reservations at the Comfort Inn in Grants Pass and at a hotel in Eureka for tomorrow night…so I had to make some tracks. More on the reservations later.

IMG_1656 copy

Taken about an hour south of Astoria. The road was cut out of the cliff face…nice riding but one had to pay attention.

IMG_1657 copy

IMG_1658 copy

This area was explored by Captain Robert Gray between the years of 1797-1800 and is located just north of Garibaldi. The Captain Gray discovered the Columbia river in 1797 while sailing on the vessel Columbia Rediviva,..hence the name of the river, the Columbia. It’s getting close to lunch and Depoe Bay is just down the road.

IMG_1662 copy

Sharla…you know what this means…

IMG_1661 copy

Yup…they are still good. I tried to figure out how to get one of these for you but no luck. Sorry….okay, time to move on.

IMG_1663 copy

South of Depoe Bay…typical Oregon Coast. Temps in the 60s to the 70s…very nice riding.

IMG_1664 copy

The North Bend bridge on the north side of town. The area is much different than when we were here…most of the income is from dune rides north of town although the downtown area seems to be doing better that when I was through here about 10 years ago. While here I checked my email and noticed that the reservation I made for tonight was really for last night..figures. So I called the hotel and they fixed it for me…nice. Heading for Coquille and then over to I-5.

IMG_1668 copy

I had forgotten how pretty the Coquille Valley is. Lots of farms scattered through green fields. Temperatures are beginning to rise as I head further east…to be expected.

IMG_1673 copy

Stopped for road construction and you can see what the temperature is. For those of you in the know you can see my headlight lamp warning. The lamp is working but the sensor is not. I checked the Owners Manual and the BMW forum and the issue has to be fixed at the dealer. One final note…today I rode in 108 degree temps, the hottest ever for me. It made me glad I had the mesh jacket. Tomorrow I head down Highway 99 toward the California coast…but I will be turning on Indian Creek Road so I can drive through the State of Jefferson. My destination for tomorrow is Eureka…stay tuned…

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