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Black Friday Ride 2016

I don’t much care for shopping so the thought of spending the day shopping and fighting crowds for the sales just didn’t work for me. It seemed to be a good day for a ride.


The plan was to meet Gary (Sharla’s brother) for breakfast at the Wolf River Cafe but they were closed. Perkins did a decent job as a substitute…not quite the “hole in the wall” places I like but it was open for business. Pickwick lake is about 2 hours east of Collierville Tennessee and my next destination.




Pickwick dam and the lake. Sharla and her family spent a lot of time here when she was younger. The area has lots of marinas along with restaurants featuring catfish, campgrounds, and family cabins along the shore. Pickwick Lake was created by the Tennessee Valley Authority with the building of the Pickwick dam. With a surface area of over 43,000 acres the lake is a summer hotspot for boating, fishing, and camping. The lake is also the north area of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway providing a water route to the Gulf of Mexico.

My route takes me down route 25 toward Highway 72 where I would turn east to intersect the Natchez Trace.


Looking north along the Natchez Trace. I highly recommend driving or motorcycling the Trace but before you do…read up on the history of the Trace. To ride it nowadays one would never consider the role the Natchez Trace played in our history or the struggle folks had when traveling this road. This stretch of the Trace is just over 60 miles north of Tupelo Mississippi.


Rock Creek along the Natchez Trace. Fording creeks, streams, and rivers along the Trace was a challenge requiring perseverance and often extra days to be successful.


My route will take me off the Trace along Highway 30 toward Hobo Station, Booneville, and Ripley Mississippi.



Hobo Station is not really a town but an intersection. The gable with Hobo Station in the first picture is from the building in the second picture. The road is Highway 4 and my route to Holly Springs through the town of Ripley.



Many small towns in the area of the country have town squares with a courthouse or a park in the middle of the square. Ripley is no different.

It was an interesting and enjoyable ride. The roads around and heading west from the lake had more corners and were fun to ride. Temperatures were in the 50’s and the weather was good for a total of 315 miles. Stay tuned….


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