Corinth Loop & RAMS Meeting


At the end of last year I joined the local BMW Riders Association Mid-South (RAMS) and today was their monthly meeting in Holly Springs at the Southern Eatery. There was a group ride going out but Tim and I opted for our own ride. Our ride started at the Wolf River Cafe in Rossville Tennessee, then headed east to Corinth Mississippi for coffee, and we would work our way to Holly Springs for lunch and the meeting. The weather forecast was for possible showers with temps in the 60’s. A good day for a ride.


Our bikes in front of the Wolf River Cafe. On most Saturday mornings there are a fair amount of riders that show up for breakfast followed by a ride and today was no exception. Tim and I sat outside with other riders and enjoyed a breakfast overflowing with good rider stories. Breakfast for me was biscuits and gravy with an egg on top and a small bowl of grits. Yes…it was very good. On to Corinth and AC’s coffee shop. Corinth Mississippi is roughly 90 minutes east and south of Rossville Tennessee.



AC’s coffee shop is located at 415 N. Fillmore Street in Corinth. To date this coffee shop is the closest to a west coast coffee shop that I have found. The espresso shots in my Americano were excellent as was the atmosphere and service.

Corinth was a crossroads and a critical objective during the Civil War. On the 3rd and 4th of October in 1862, a major battle was fought here between 22,000 Confederate troops and 23,000 Union troops that resulted in a Union victory. Casualties numbered over 7,000. I’m looking forward to visiting Corinth again and learning more of the history of the engagement.


On the way out of Corinth we were delayed at a railroad crossing. I scrambled to get the camera out for a picture and this was the result.


That’s Tim in front of the Southern Eatery. We went inside for lunch and the meeting. They’re a bunch of nice folks. After lunch and the meeting we spent some time visiting as we stood around the bikes. I met another one of the riders who lives down my way and he offered to let me use his shop if I needed to change tires or do maintenance. He has a tire changer and is an experience BMW mechanic. Yup…a bunch of nice folks. The ride totaled a 187 miles…a good ride and no rain. Stay tuned…


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