Circle to Somerville TN


I met up with Tim Jones from the local BMW Riders Association Mid South (RAMS) who I met at the last meeting. Yes…I did join a riding group and they are a bunch of very nice people. He called me up this morning to see if I would be interested in riding today…you betchya. So with him in the lead we headed toward Somerville Tennessee via the back roads.


I thought about titling this blog “Lost in Tennessee” but I really wasn’t lost. I was east of Collierville, southwest of Somerville, and north of the Mississippi border. “I’ve never been lost…just confused a time or two,” as stated by Jim Bridger, one of the great mountain men of our country.


Great backroads…paved but many had no lane lines.


Lunch was at the Hut in Somerville. A good, basic menu of burgers, sandwiches, barbecue, and drinks. Lunch for me was a BLT on Texas toast with onion rings. I asked the waitress if the onion rings were good and she stated, “Well, our customers say they are good.” Come to find out she had never had them…but she was right. They were very good and the bacon was done the way I like it. Very Tasty…



A nice countryside with hidden lakes off the road and some very nice houses.


The W.C. Crawford General Merchandise store in Williston Tennessee. This country store was the heart of Williston beginning in the 1850s and was operated by R.A. Gaither. In the 189os W.C. Crawford took over operation of the store. The store was run by Mr. Crawford and then his son, Knox Crawford until 1972. Bread was shipped from Memphis on Friday only to be sold by Mr. Crawford on Saturday. Mr. Crawford also butchered a beef on Friday to sell to his Saturday customers at 8 1/2 cents a pound. When automobiles came to be, gas was shipped from Memphis in drums to be sold. I love finding places like this and then researching the history.


A stop at the Shell station in Piperton for a break that included something to drink and rider stories.


At home as the sun sets. It was great to ride with Tim…we have similar riding styles and for that I am thankful. Temps were in the mid to high 50s, no wind, and clear weather. Total mileage was 120 miles. A great ride and my thanks to Tim. Stay tuned….

Photos were deleted in the previous blogs so please be patient as I replace the photos and get the blog back to normal. Thank You

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