1st Ride 2017

For the past few weeks temperatures have been hovering below freezing and not good for riding. For the past two days temperatures have been at 70 but due to prior commitments I was unable to ride…so today with the temperatures hovering around 50 and an overcast sky, I decided to ride.img_1944

Heading west toward Hernando, the Delta, and Highway 61. The sky was overcast with haze on the horizon.


Through the Delta heading toward Hwy. 61 (the Blues Highway). Yes…it is flat in the Delta. The route is down Hwy. 61 to Crenshaw Road then east through Crenshaw to Como, Mississippi.


Crenshaw river and levee east of the town of Crenshaw.


Along the highway in several spots there were lots of geese feeding in the fields. When cars passed the fields the gaggle (geese not flying) would not fly. When I went by on the bike the geese would launch and become a skein (a group of geese in flight). They were fun to watch because the turbulence caused by their wings affected the liftoff of the entire group.


Crenshaw Mississippi…not much on main street. I tried to do some quick research on the history of Crenshaw and didn’t find much. There is a fair amount of history on the Crenshaw family whom I suspect the town is named after. Time to head toward home.


Okay…I was intending on eating in Como but passed through it so fast that I didn’t see anyplace to eat. When I stopped at the Warsaw Grocery to get a bit to eat I didn’t realize that I was only 30 minutes from the house…but that was okay. I went inside and they had Grandpa’s Chilli on the menu so I ordered a bowl. Chili at a gas station…a gourmet meal when on a bike. The chili was excellent followed by the Almond Joy and coffee. After lunch I headed home…like I said…about 30 minutes away. All in all a good ride totaling 150 miles. Can’t wait to do it again.

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One thought on “1st Ride 2017

  1. Leta Fay Anderson

    Enjoyed your blog as always. Keep it up.

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